• Have battery and charging system checked by qualified person seasonally.
  • Batteries produce explosive gasses. Avoid sparks and open flames near the battery.
  • Always disconnect the negative ground lead when working on or near the battery.
  • Visually inspect the battery in a regular basis. Terminal must be clean and tight, Top of
    battery is clean and dry. Remove any oil and dirt that may accumulate.
  • Check the electrolyte level. Top up with distilled water. Do not overfill.
  • Check that the battery is held securely. Inspect hold-down nuts and bolts for looseness and
  • When storing for long periods. Make sure the battery is fully charged and store in a cool
    and dry place. Avoid excessive heat or cold.
  • If car is used on short trips, take it out for occasional long drives to fully charged the
  • Avoid overcharging and deeply discharging electronics, especially newer car models.

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