This guarantee is not valid if, on the sole judgment of the manufacturer/distributor the
following conditions exist.

  1. Battery has been abused after shipment from authorized dealer.
  2. Battery becomes defective because of overcharging or undercharging due to faulty
    Vehicle electrical system or excessive electrical load.
  3. 3. Neglect to add battery water whenever the level drops to the top of the plates. (for dry
    charged type only)
  4. Battery was used other than of automotive application.
  5. Battery containers covers and vent plug are broken.
  6. Codes/marking or stickers on the battery or connectors were tampered or altered.
  7. Battery of smaller capacity than original equipment specification is used.
  8. Any chemical or solution other than approved distilled water or battery grade sulfuric acid
    of proper specific gravity is added.

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