• Provide Protective car fender cover or any safely clothes.
  • Make note of the polarity:
    When dismantling: Detach negative (grounded) cable from negative post first. Negative post
    has green plastic color, (-) minus marking, smaller size than positive and lighter in color
    than positive
    (when wet. used)
    When installing: Connect positive (starter) cable to the positive post has red plastic collar,
    (+) plus marking, bigger size than the negative and darker color that negative ( when
    Attach negative cable last; the presence of sparks indicates a short circuit or that the
    battery was connected in reverse-recheck.
  • Replace worn, frayed cables for effective of battery power. For 12v use full size cables No.4
    gauge. For demand or unusually long connection, bigger size should be used.
  • Make sure that the battery is securely mounted. See to it that bracket (plastic if possible)
    is properly torque to reduce potential damage from vibration or dislocation, especially
    when using a bigger battery type. A bracket is recommended if there is none.
  • Clean battery terminals, Coat external surfaces with mineral grease or petroleum jelly,
  • Clean surface of battery. Use of compressor advised.
  • Use proper tools. Avoid hitting terminal when installing or tightening as it may result in
    damaged post bushing. Damaged bushing could acid to leak that may corrode hold down
    bracket, holder and terminal.

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