Standard Manufacturing Company, incorporated was organized on December  23, 1973 and starts to manufacture, assemble and distribute LEAD ACID  AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES carrying the brands of Outlast Maintenance Free  Batteries (Xceed, Compact, Super Premium, Premium XDR) Low Maintenance  Batteries (Super Premium, Premium, Regular) and our Valve Regulated Lead  Acid batteries (DIN SERIES ) for export market. 

From the “DOT” in the field of battery manufacturing it provided its worth  through aggressive but ensuring move. During the economic crisis in 1980’s  instead of going conservative, it introduced distinctive and unique products,  the Polypropylene “OUTLAST and XDR” batteries swell-known for their  longer warranty period that capture and maintain significant shares in the  market due to their proven high quality.  

Today, Standard Manufacturing Company, Incorporated, and houses its  manufacturing site at the modern and huge factory located at # 13 J.  Narciso Street, East Canumay service Road, Valenzuela City Metro Manila.  The wide array of contented customer is served with the after sales  services by outlet and dealers strategically located nationwide. 

In Order to meet the continued patronage and increasing demands as well as  to live up to the commitment for innovative and good quality product to the  customers to the customers, the company had acquired state of the art  high-tech testing equipment a step forward towards a more progressive  development. 

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